Why is it a great time to invest?


  • Real estate prices are Low
  • Vacancy Rates are Very Low
  • Instant Cash Flow
  • Rental Rates keep Increasing
In Ada County 2011, homes sold on average for around $80 to $90 per square foot and Canyon County homes sold for around $60-$70 or less.  The biggest difference now is that investment homes actually cash flow!  Most starter homes (3 bed  / 2 bath / 2 car garage) are yielding around $200 per month in positive net income!  If you’ve got credit and enough to put 20% down on an investment property, this may finally be the time.

Our experience:

    • We have averaged over 3 investment purchases a month
    • Worked with a lot of investors
    • And can help find clients for rent-to-own type situations – If you are looking to pick up some rental income property in the Boise real estate market, give us a call.

Investment Time is Now!

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