We Can HELP You Buy, Sell, or Rent-to-Own Real Estate in Boise or Anywhere Else in the Treasure Valley!

Our Boise Real Estate Specialists will help you find the perfect Boise home

With The HELP Program, Buying a Boise home has never been easier! Right now is the time to buy Boise real estate, there is a large inventory of Boise homes for sale to choose from, and prices have never been better!

In this market you need experienced real estate agents that understand today’s local market. The HELP Program has a team of “In House” real estate professionals to handle every aspect involved in finding you the perfect home, getting the sale closed, and you moved in!

What The Help Program will do for you:

  • Help You find the right home
  • Help you shop for the best Mortgage
  • Initiate and close the sale

If you need Financial help to purchase a Boise home we also:

  • Provide Financial Analysis
  • Assess your credit situation
  • Help you amass $6000 in savings (for closing costs and reserves)
  • Manage a one year lease to own contract

Invest in your Future: Buy a Boise home today!

Regardless of the slowdowns in the Boise housing market, housing remains a good long-term investment. Buying smart is an investment in your future and long-term value. Just a few immediate benefits of owning real estate is that your money is invested in your future instead of being thrown away in rent, you will have tax deductions that you don’t have with renting, and you have control over you monthly payments as opposed to being at the whim of a landlord.

Selling your Boise Home or Boise Real Estate?

Our Boise real estate specialists will help you sell your Boise home

In today’s market you don’t want to waste valuable time (which equates to money) with the wrong realtor trying to sell your home. When listing your Idaho home with The HELP Program, you don’t have just one Realtor, but a team of real estate professionals that are ready to handle the situations that tend to arise in our current market.

The wrong Realtor can decrease your Boise home profits or prevent a sale by:

  • Many Realtors price a home too high to get your listing, with the intention of many small drops that tend to de-value your house in the eyes of a buyer. Doing this tends to loose the highest traffic that comes when a home is first listed, and with multiple price cuts many buyers won’t even look at your house deciding you are desperate because the home has something wrong with it.
  • Most Realtors don’t have knowledge of credit solutions to take the buyer through the necessary steps to repair their credit so they can purchase your home.
  • Many Realtors do not understand how to market your property to it’s fullest potential.

The Help Program Increases the likeliness of a Boise real estate sale and profits by:

  • The Help Program researches to make sure your sale price is right, so that you don’t waste valuable time loosing potential clients by unreasonable pricing that wont appraise.
  • The Help Program actively markets your home on the MLS, as well as our web sites, and share your listing with our Team Members and clients to ensure the best possibility of a sale.
  • The Help Program has options to help Buyers with less than perfect credit to be able to purchase your home.
  • The Help Program has lease to own options available. The Help Program has countless ways to get your home sold!

Rent-To-Own a Boise Home

Would you like a home of your own?

Now is the time to take advantage of the low interest rates, low housing prices, and the incredible house inventory! Why throw rent money away when that money can be used towards your investment? Often your monthly payments are the same or very similar to your monthly rent payment.

Think you can’t qualify for a mortgage?

Give us a call, you might be surprised, We are a for profit Company that helps Treasure Valley Renters become Home Owners through a Unique Rent to Own and Financial education Program.

The HELP Program handles every aspect of changing you from a Renter to a Home Owner:

  • We help you find the right home.
  • We provide Financial Analysis.
  • We contract with the seller to help you purchase the home in 12 months.
  • We help amass $6000 in savings (for closing costs and reserves).
  • We help shop for Mortgages.
  • We administer and close the sale.