A Brief History of Meridian


  • The first school was opened
  • Meridian’s earliest settlers lived along the Five Mile creek, where there is running water nearly year round.


  • An Order of Odd Fellows chapter was established and adopted the name “Meridian” for its lodge, in recognition of Idaho’s principle surveyor’s meridian, which runs along Meridian Street as it passes through town


  • The first creamery was built
  • Other dairying related businesses followed, creating an identity for Meridian as a dairy center for the State


  • Meridian was incorporated as a village with a population of approximately 200, with a bustling business center


  • The Interurban electric railway began servicing Meridian, connecting Meridian with other valley towns
  • This railway provided transportation for both:
    • The public sector
    • And provided a means for shipping milk to the creameries and hauling fruit to the markets



  • The Interurban electric railway’s original depot was shut down and became the Meridian Public Library


  • The first Meridian Dairy Days Celebration.  This part of Meridian’s history is still celebrated annually every third weekend in June.