Why Would Anyone Move To Boise Idaho?


I consider myself an expert on moving to Boise because I’ve done it more than once. In fact, I’ve moved to Boise twice—once when I was less than one year old and again sixteen years after I graduated from high school and moved out of state to go to college. With hundreds of millions of people in the U.S. alone who have never even moved to Boise once, I definitely know how it’s done–having completed the job twice. And unless something goes terribly wrong, I’ll never do it again because I don’t plan on ever moving away.

So why do people move anywhere—

  • Employment?
  • Lifestyle?
  • Affordability?
  • Quality of Life?
  • Family?
  • Safety?

If any of these are reasons you would consider moving, I’d like to make a case for Boise-River_main-300x203choosing Boise. As indicated, I grew up right here in Boise. My family owned one of those coveted Boise homes on the banks of the Boise River. The view out my front window included a five acre field of alf alfa. For those of you who come from big cities—that’s the stuff cows eat. For those of you from really big cities, cows are where cheeseburgers come from. Our back window looked out over the forested banks of the Boise River. Our nearest neighbor was out of yelling distance—which is good because with six siblings there was a lot of yelling going on.


Currently, there are thousands of Boise homes that line the beautiful waterways that meander through our fair city. If you’d rather look out your back window into a tree-lined river than into your neighbor’s back window (who is definitely within yelling range) perhaps Boise is for you.

Boise has been voted one of the country’s most livable cities for several years. Home to corporate giants:micron-150x150

  • Micron
  • Boise Cascade
  • Simplot
  • The Washington Group
  • Hewlett Packard Home

—we’ve got our share of tech and corporate jobs. A myriad of small businesses have sprung up in the shadows of these larger companies. In fact, Boise was voted as the #2 city to start a business by a major business publication not long ago. Boise State University, several smaller universities, and a trade school provide top tier educational opportunities in addition to blue football fields.

After several years in Chicago, I almost developed a love for overcrowded roads, polluted air, and high crime rates, not to mention crooked politicians and overpromising community organizers (more than one of Illinois’ former Governors are either in jail or on trial). I said almost.

Boise features:

  • Over 25 miles of greenbelt walking, jogging, and bike paths that weave their way along the river
  • We have a ski resort within 30 minutes of downtown and two other ski resorts within a two-hour drive.
  • Spectacular views of our mountains are available from nearly every piece of real estate in the valley
  • I might add that we are a very short drive to national wilderness area and America’s tallest sand dunes

Now that I think of it, I don’t miss the crowds or pollution or the community organizers at all.

Speaking of politicians:

  • Boise crime rate dropped 37% over the past decade according to the Boise Police Department. (I assume they are telling the truth)
  • You’ll be happy to know that only 490 cases of graffiti were reported in 2006
  • There were only 65 domestic violence felonies. Yes– 65 in the whole city for a whole year. While 65 domestic violence is too much, it’s rare indeed here in Boise.
  • There were 7 murders in Boise in 2009.

To put that in perspective, Detroit had:

  • 361 murders during that same time period

If you like violent crime, you may find Boise rather boring. If not, you might find Boise a darn nice place to raise a family. By the way, I tried for years to get someone to steal my car by leaving it unlocked with the keys in it. Couldn’t ever get the job done. Not sure if that’s a reflection on Boise or my car.

Out of the 272 metropolitan areas that the FBI tracks for violent crime, Boise ranks 219. Seriously, go to their website and look at the places that have LESS crime than Boise. You’ve never heard of any of them. Only six on that list have a bigger population than Boise. Enough said—it’s a VERY safe city.

Well that’s about it. I hope you’ve got the picture. After reading back over this, I cant think why you wouldn’t want to move to Boise. Oh yeah…one more thing

  • Real estate prices!

Right now Boise is more affordable than it’s ever been since we’ve been tracking it. If you’re just an average Joe (and don’t we all feel pretty darn average most of the time) you’ll spend less than 20% of that average salary of yours on that average Boise home. Try comparing that to other cities across the country. If that information is hard to track down, try this one—the average price per square foot is around $90 for that average Boise starter home we were just talking about. It costs less per month to buy in Boise than it does to rent. Hurry up! That won’t last.

Give us a call at Eagle Rock Properties at 208-938-4032. We’d love to talk more Boise real estate. It really is a great place to live.